Bonnie Bio for websiteBonnie Clark

I graduated from the St. Joseph’s School of Nursing in Kingston Ontario in 1969 and after 43 years as  Registered Nurse, I retired in 2011. The last 7 years of my nursing career was in the IT department of The Queensway Carleton Hospital in Ottawa as a Systems Analyst. My job then was primarily teaching new staff how to use the hospital computer systems and helping to build the Medical software for the hospital as part of an integrated IT Team. I have been sewing since I was big enough to sit at the sewing machine with my mother, Lorna Cloutier, who taught me all she knew. I also went on many fabric buying trips with my Aunt Doris McNeely, who was a great seamstress and taught me a lot about fabric. I started quilting about 20 years ago and with my good friend Colleen Paterson went on many memorable fabric buying trips to New York State. With a demanding and stressful nursing career, quilting was and still is my escape to a much quieter world and over the years has become my passion as well.

My other passion is dog rescue. My last dog, Missy Mya, who you will see as a model on the dog pages, was a BARK rescue. My current dog, Sky, is also a BARK rescue from up North and will be featured in future modeling. I am also involved with The Ottawa Valley Lost Pet Network. All of the proceeds from the dog related items on this site will go to support B.A.R.K. and the work they do. A link to their website is on the dog page and the Home page.

Colleen Paterson

Colleen's BioI have been sewing since High School and quilting since 1974.

I graduated from Teachers College in 1971,and then went on to U.N.B.

I have four grandchildren and another on the way in April. They each have a flannel quilt and a big bed quilt.

When I lived in Africa, a couple of my quilts went to Bogata, Columbia. I taught quilting to a group of ladies in Africa.They had never made quilts before and I am happy to say each of them finished their first projects.

I love choosing the fabrics and patterns for all my projects.

I am open to taking custom orders,but sometimes a specific fabric is not available, but colour choices should not be a problem. I will give a ballpark timeline. Timeline is dependent on the pattern chosen and availability of fabric choices.

Although I am “retired”, I look after five of my grandchildren on a daily basis, ranging in age from 1-6 years.

I use good quality cotton for my projects and good flannel. Normally I use cotton as the backing as well—except on the flannel quilts—for that I use flannel .


Charlotte Teepell

Charlotte Teepell  I have been sewing/crafting since I was a little girl watching my grandmother (Iva Teepell) piece quilts together from the pieces that her mother (Catherine Halladay), used to piece together by hand as a hobby in her later years. Every few years, all of us grandchildren received quilt’s as gifts at Christmas time or weddings and new babies. I cherish every quilt I ever received and couldn’t wait until I could create my own!

I love to create and to sew that one of a kind quilt for someone special! I have done both quilted and tied quilts. My sewing machine is always at the ready for the next project to begin!

I am sew(pun intended)…. grateful to be joining Bonnie and Colleen on this new adventure!